CV Boots Increase Life Cycle of Gearboxes

CV Boots Increase Life Cycle of Gearboxes

The homokinetic joint is an essential part to avoid front and rear-wheel drive systems being compromised. It serves to transmit power from the transmission system to the wheels and at the same time, it allows the wheels to rotate without causing vibrations in the drive wheel.

Nowadays these parts have a long life, but it is important to always pay extra attention to the boots - rubber-folding protection.

Although they have long durability, they can be damaged due to natural wear and tear. Should this occur, its function of keeping the homokinetic joint away from any contamination from dust, rain or mud is no longer exercised.

The hoods can meet temperatures from -40 to 200ºC, with high dimensional pressure. Therefore, in maintenance, the main and often only point to be checked is the boot.

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